Google Beacons

Give your users better location and proximity experiences by providing a strong context signal for their devices in the form of Bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacons with Eddystone, the open beacon format from Google. The Google beacon platform enables you to manage your beacons remotely, integrate with Google services and help users devices to discover content and functionality across Android, native apps and the web.


API Paths

Delete Attachment (DELETE) /v1beta1/{attachmentName} OpenAPI
Get Observed Beacon Info (POST) /v1beta1/beaconinfo:getforobserved OpenAPI
Activate Beacon (POST) /v1beta1/{beaconName}:activate OpenAPI
Delete Attachments (POST) /v1beta1/{beaconName}/attachments:batchDelete OpenAPI
Get Attachments (GET) /v1beta1/{beaconName}/attachments OpenAPI
Add Attachment (POST) /v1beta1/{beaconName}/attachments OpenAPI
Deactivate Beacon (POST) /v1beta1/{beaconName}:deactivate OpenAPI
Decomission Beacon (POST) /v1beta1/{beaconName}:decommission OpenAPI
Delete Beacon (DELETE) /v1beta1/{beaconName} OpenAPI
Get Diagnostics (GET) /v1beta1/{beaconName}/diagnostics OpenAPI
Get Beacon (GET) /v1beta1/{beaconName} OpenAPI
Update Beacon (PUT) /v1beta1/{beaconName} OpenAPI
Search Beacons (GET) /v1beta1/beacons OpenAPI
Register Beacon (POST) /v1beta1/beacons:register OpenAPI
Get Beacon Parameters (GET) /v1beta1/eidparams OpenAPI
Update Namespace (PUT) /v1beta1/{namespaceName} OpenAPI
Get Namespace (GET) /v1beta1/namespaces OpenAPI